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Market Insights – September 2022 #2


During their presentation at the 6th IBESA US Energy Storage Day on September 19, EUPD Research shared their predictions for the newly and cumulative installed storage capacity in the US American residential segment between 2022 and 2026. The clean energy market intelligence provider expects annual installed storage capacity to continue its growth until it reaches 557 MW in 2026. In addition, they predict the cumulative storage capacity to triple in that same timeframe, bringing it to 2,926 MW.

At the beginning of this week, we were able to successfully host our 6th IBESA US Energy Storage Day as a part of the pre-conference RE+ Energy Storage Workshops 2022. We can proudly look back on two workshop sessions with a full room of participants and countless new insights into the US American energy storage sector. 

We want to thank our expert speakers for their insightful presentations and discussions, our partners from RE+ for the continued cooperation, and of course everyone who participated!

Enjoy a wide range of events and workshop sessions about the global solar and storage industry. Take a look at upcoming events hosted and supported by JF4S, IBESA and the Solar & Storage DigiCon!

Our next event at the Solar & Storage DigiCon is right around the corner. We are starting into October with a workshop session powered by EUPD Research during which experts from the clean energy market intelligence provider are going to share current data on the US American, Brazilian and Chilean PV markets from their Global Energy Transition (GET) Matrix.


| Market Outlook USA

Ali Arfa, Data Manager, EUPD Research

| Market Outlook Brazil
Saif Islam, Senior Consultant, EUPD Research

| Market Outlook Chile
Yeisson Gil, Sales Manager, EUPD Research

Don't miss the EUPD Research's GET Matrix – Americas Market Data Session on October 06 | 8 AM PT / 11 AM EDT at the Solar & Storage DigiCon!


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EUPD Research's GET Matrix –

Europe Market Data Session

October 28 | 9 AM CEST | SSDC

During this workshop session, experts from EUPD Research will share exclusive data on several European solar PV markets from their GET Matrix.


European Technology Session –

Inverter & Storage

November 18 | 9 AM CEST | SSDC

Seven companies with a focus on inverters and energy storage introduce themselves and present their current technologies.


New Partner: Welcome Solinteg | September 20

We are happy to announce that we now have Solinteg on board as a JF4S partner. As a technologically leading company with an innovative spirit, Solinteg offers advanced and optimized energy storage solutions for the intelligent integration of solar energy in distributed networks. They provide products such as PV products, inverters, batteries, smart terminals, monitoring devices and EMS services that promise reliable and excellent performance.



New Partner: Welcome one2zero| September 19

We are happy to warmly welcome our new member one2zero to our Joint Forces for Solar network. One2zero is a reliable business partner offering modern and tailor-made green energy solutions that will help their clients save costs and reduce CO2 emissions as easy and efficient as possible. By finding combinations of green technology with state-of-the-art data management for organizations of all sizes, one2zero can be considered an all-in-one partner for energy.




Virtual Power Plant Model To Expand In Utah & Idaho (With Video) | September 14

In 2017, sonnen GmbH, a German residential battery company, was exploring places in America where it could replicate the virtual power plant systems it had already created in Europe. At first glance, Utah seemed like pretty rocky soil for an idea like this to flourish. Rooftop solar was a niche market at best, there were no state incentives for domestic renewable energy, and the state’s net metering program paid rooftop customers far less for their excess electricity than they paid for electricity from their local utilities.



New Partner: Menlo | September 14

We are happy to welcome our new member Menlo Electric to our Joint Forces for Solar network. Menlo Electric is operating in over 20 markets, delivering monthly over 50MW to its clients. This makes Menlo Electric one of the fastest growing European distributors of PV modules and inverters from the most established manufacturers in the world. Menlo Electric is a top distributor of Jinko Solar, Risen Energy, JA Solar, Sungrow and more.




Azelio and Elum Energy Join Forces to Tackle the Energy Storage Market | September 07

Azelio and Elum Energy have partnered to deploy a solution to maximize the penetration of renewables and develop efficient control solutions for installations combining solar PV and long-duration energy storage. Bringing together both companies’ advanced technologies, the solution sees Elum’s monitoring and control working with Azelio’s thermal energy storage system.



Nextracker aims to harness Brazil’s knowledge of utility-scale solar with new R&D facility | September 06

Nextracker’s testing field in its R&D facility in Brazil will study and analyse its products in rolling hills, agrivoltaics and with large modules of 610W. Since starting operations in Brazil in 2015, Nextracker’s presence in the country has never stopped increasing, with its latest step being the inauguration of the Brazil Center for Solar Excellence in August.


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